Web based online HIMS Software is in line with the Global Corporate structure. This solution can work as a close intranet as well as internet based solution. Based on back bone of Strong Security framework, all the users can access it anywhere anytime based on the access rights given to them. This software has been meticulously designed in consultation with Smt. Motiben Dalvi Hospital to take care of every possible aspect in hospital management.

HIMS is simple to use, easy to configure. Being an object oriented model, it is highly scalable, and easier to maintain. It will have Excellent Data Analysis with simplicity in Design and extended Data and Network Security with built in support for SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) for extensive data protection when travelling over the net.

It covers the entire gamut of activities related to patients, doctors, referring doctors, billing, and receivable. Depending on the requirements of a particular hospital, provision for customization is there to satisfy the specific needs of the hospital.