An advanced, modern document storage & retrieval system which quickly frees your office from unwanted clutter resulting in much needed efficiency.

We live in an information age where there are a unending documents from various sources. However, many work places still use physical filing as their preferred choice. Unfortunately, once filled in physical form it is very hard to retrieve or track this information, leading to loss of precious time and date. Physical files also occupy a lot of expensive space and are an invitation to destruction by pests.

The reality of the Indian Accounting and Legal systems needs us to file store paperwork for 10 years. Whereas all paperwork cannot be re-moved, most of it is stored as copies, and often unnecessary additional files.

There is an urgent need to systematically store the documents and have as method of quick and easy retrieval which can be accessed on the go.

DocumentR is a unique document storage and retrieval system which serves the needs of most office and personal environments. It allows users to customize the feeling of documents according to their preferences by tagging. Documents can be field and accessed in various formats and can be viewed both in the office and on the move, on your mobile. DocumentR saves valuable space, money and time, making it a perfect 21st century smart solution for your home or office.